Grace (She/Her)

Grace has many special skills, but none of them include sticking to a book buying ban.
Grace’s dream is to have a cat of her own, but while that is not possible, Grace lives vicariously through Chai and Latte.
Whilst being allergic to everything that exists on a farm, Grace would love nothing more to marry a cowboy and ride off into the sunset.
Grace thrives in the romantasy genre, however recognises and understands that she would not survive a single chapter within the Sarah J Maas universe.
Grace’s party trick is owning things that serve no purpose in her life, including a book of cheese; illustrations and suggested pairings…… Grace hates cheese.
While Grace cannot provide evidence on the case, Grace’s love of ghosts simultaneously terrifies and thrills her.
At the end of the day Grace is a sassy, stubborn gal with a love for anything fluffy, alive or inanimate.

Freya (She/Her)

Freya is a proud Worimi/Wonnarua woman.
She’s a vocal nerd, so much so that she has collected degrees in voice like they were pokemon cards (though she’s never played pokemon).
Despite being a raging feminist, her goal in life is to live in a cottage in the bush, baking bread and reading romantasy novels all day.
Freya is married to her love in every lifetime, Brent, who she owns Chai Latte Audio Productions with.
Their audio production company is named after their children, Chai and Latte. Do not fear, they are cat children, not human children.
Despite Brent being the love of her many lives, her greatest love is her sister. She openly admits to sacrificing Brent into a volcano over her if it came to it.
At heart, Freya is an advocate for sexual violence victim-survivors, First Nations people, LGBTIQASB+ communities, and decolonising performing arts academia and pedagogy.